Version and Amendments History for FM-ME-VFS-Torpoint Website Logo

Version and Amendments History for FM-ME-VFS-Torpoint Website



Amendments to complete details regarding the EYE SPY game 12th to 25th November 2016

- filled in details of shops including url links in table for the 'EYE SPY game


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Creation of new design from Serif WebPlus v8.0 generated site to parallax integrated site using intially egret.theme with added scrolling banner

~ amendment to spelling of members name 'Linda Brice',
~ amendment to venue namenclature from 'Riverside church' to 'St Nicolas Church, Parish of St Martin'
~ replacement of missing filenames with '#' on featured stories to remove faulty link errors
~ replacement of list of stories to be read with a table showing reading order, story title, author, genre, approx. length
~ creation of links to information pages, eg. this (link at bottom of site) and assignmentHistory.html (link on scrolling banner)
~ change of colour to text in scrolling banner making it more readable
~ adjustment to time / speed of text scrolling across viewscreen
~ adjustment to background banner fade timings
~ adjustment to timer for parallax slider, keeping background images on screen longer between changes
extended from default of 4 secs to minimum 30 secs
~ setting styling parameters for table and inclusive text used for reading schedule/programme
~ adjustment to opacity settings for immediate background between text/images and parallax background
~ adjustment to text shadows and colours
~ addition of shadow for h5 element
~ amendment to screenshot section for overlay text opacity and size
~ creation of file for record purposes
~ alteration to icon colour setting to make them more visible
~ creation of this file to record amendments to the website


Redesign from basic site to Serif WebPlus v8.0 wysiwyg integrated site

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